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Authors are responsible for observing the laws of copyright when quoting or reproducing material:

1. The total length of the articles must be minimum 20,000 characters with spaces, i.e. inclusive of everything from figures to list of references (use TNR 12, 1.5-spaced text; margins 2,5 cm, 1 cm indentation in the first line of each paragraph, footnotes in TNR 10).

2. All quotations need be italicized, neither underlined nor in bold type. Quotations longer than 3-lines should be written in a smaller font (Times New Roman 10), single-spaced and indented, preceded and followed with an extra line space.

3. Tables and Figures in black and white, clear, in TNR 10; separated from the main text by one line; with the source description above the Table and below the Figure.

4. Page numbers in the right hand corner at the bottom, in Arabic numbers.

5. Use the author-date system in the main text, e.g. (Gardner 2009, 12).

6. Place bibliography at the end of the text as follows:




Bourdieu, Pierre, and Jean-Claude Passeron. 1977. Reproduction in Education, Society and Culture. London: Sage.


Kelley, Klara and Harris Francis. 2005. “Traditional Navajo Maps and Wayfinding” in American Indian Culture and Research Journal 29.2, 85-111.

Acts and regulations

Rozporządzenie MEN w sprawie zasad udzielania i organizacji pomocy psychologiczno-pedagogicznej w publicznych przedszkolach, szkołach i placówkach, 30 kwietnia 2013 r., Dz. U. 2020 Nr 82 poz. 537 z późn. zm.

Act of Law on Higher Education 27 July 2005, Dziennik Ustaw - Official Journal of Laws of 2005, No.164, item 1365, as amended

Internet sources

Pavlenko, Aneta. 2008. “Emotion and Emotion-laden Words in the Bilingual Lexicon”. Language and Cognition 11 (2): 147-164. Cambridge University Press, Retrieved 28 April 2009, <http://journals.cambridge.org>.



  • Place your full name (in bold type) in the top left corner in TNR 14; in the next verse your affiliation (an institution you work for or represent) (in TNR 12, regular type and letters).
  • Leave two empty lines.
  • For the title, use English (TNR 14, bold type, regular letters).
  • All articles must be preceded by the abstract in English (heading: Abstract) in TNR 10, up to 500 characters each.
  • Keywords (up to 7 single words in English and up to 7 single words in Polish).
  • Divide the main text into sections preceded with standardised numbered headings in bold, separated from the main text by a single line from above and beneath.
  • Use TNR 12 for the main text, 1.5-spaced.
  • Bibliography in alphabetical order, unnumbered, surname protruded to the left by five spaces.


Documents to be sent by snail mail:

- Declaration of consent for processing of personal data

- Declaration of the Author / Co-Author

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